Orly Pretty Ugly

Hi everyone! Have you ever found a polish that you absolutely adore? And you look at swatch after swatch of it online, then stalk your beauty supply store to find it? And when you do find it, you snatch it up and cradle it so that no one can separate you from your lemming? That was me with Orly Pretty Ugly. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way I expected…

orly pretty ugly swatch 1d

Pretty Ugly is a turquoise with blue shimmer. I applied 4 coats with top coat.

orly pretty ugly swatch 2d

I have so much to say regarding the formula that I actually took notes! This was streaky, runny, and thick. It pulls and also has a tendency to get thick in certain areas. It doesn’t self level, so make sure your strokes are even. It is possible this make this opaque in three coats; but you need to be patient and careful. The coat needs to be thick but not too thick, and you need to give each layer at least ten minutes to dry. It’s such a shame that the formula is way below par, because the color is gorgeous!  The shimmer looks so icy and striking again the base, adding a great pearlescent finish that’s far from frosty. I might even go as far to say that the finished product is worth the horrible formula. Perhaps some polish thinner and a little more patience next time will pay off!

orly pretty ugly swatch 3d

Do you have any colors that you love that are like this?

Note: this was given to me as a gift.

6 thoughts on “Orly Pretty Ugly

  1. I just finished applying this color. Mine leveled out OK, but you’re right – it’s streaky and takes 4 coats. I’ll stick to using this on my toes. Fortunately, I use Sally Hansen Dry and Go Drops on my manicures, so hopefully it will be dry by the time I go to bed!

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